NPR Interview for Alice in Wonderland continues this Week at Binghamton University


Gregory Keeler

(Binghamton, NY) – ‘Follow the white rabbit’ and you shall find yourself at the production of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ – Binghamton University Department of Theatre: Adapted and devised by Michael F. Toomey and Students of BU Department of Theatre.

Students led by faculty member Michael Toomey spent the Fall 2011 semester studying classics such as ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Through The Looking Glass’ by Charles L. Dodgson aka Lewis Carroll. The group harnessed inspiration taken from the countless works of art (paintings, sculptures, films, poetry), public tributes to the story (restaurants, gardens etc.), research on the Author (his creative process, era, related works) ; all of this bringing together a truly unique theatre experience you won’t want to miss. This team of 27 not only devised a script, but composed original scores, recorded the music, designed and built the scene from this work of the imagination.

The story of ‘Alice’ holds a special place in so many of our hearts  – this is a prime example of how a work of art reaches across multiple generations and TRULY is timeless.  This production welcomes all audiences – comparable to a PG rated film.  Tickets will go quickly, so get yours as soon as possible!