A Humanist Approach to Acting

9/8/14 - 12/8/14 • 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Clinton Cameo Studios
43 st
New York City,

An Acting Class with Andrew Bothwick Leslie and Michael F. Toomey

This class will examine the individual moments of storytelling in an artists work to see if Breath, Body, Thought and Impulse are present. By working on Shakespeare and Contemporary speeches the Artist will learn the skills necessary to bring all aspects of themselves to their Performance.

This project will explore the questions:

– Are all the elements of the Artist’s spirit present in their work and how can we integrate them more fully.

– What affect does living and working in New York City have on our artist’s mindset?

– What new customs can we create to help us become a more integrated Artist in our play, movement and text?

– What would it mean to apply an artist’s mindset to Life in all it’s aspects.