We are all born funny. We come into the world with something unique, something off-balance. It’s what drives your loved ones mad or makes them fall in love with you. It is the most intimate part of ourselves, it is why we get back up when we fall down. It’s what makes us most Human, it’s what makes us poetic. Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually…Ecumenically. It is the Clown.

The question is not “do we each have a clown?” or “can you find your clown?” The question is how much of yourself are you willing to reveal today—and celebrate in a very grand way?   1674_41289113439_7336_n

Throughout history, the Clown has played a vital role in our communities. Cross-culturally, the Clown has been looked to in order to reveal what is most human about us all and asks us to laugh about it.

Michael teaches Clown in New York City and the world renowned Shakespeare & Company in Lenox MA. He also teaches workshops and classes at Universities and cities around the country.

Working with Michael

Michael’s approach to Clown is accessible to students and performers of all ages. From a four-hour introduction to a full-weekend immersion in Clown technique, Michael’s teaching will give you the tools to fail gloriously—and get back up again.

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Contact Michael today to find out how to stage a workshop, inject some clown work into your current or upcoming production, or just to send him your favorite joke.