DSC_2235Violence is an epidemic. It is in our schools, in our homes, in our streets. It is in our lives. It is the Actor’s/Artist’s job to explore and investigate the human experience and violence is part of that experience.

Most people have some sort of violence in their past, physical violence, emotional violence, verbal violence, accidental violence. Most plays have some sort of violence in them. In fact, every play that Shakespeare wrote has some sort of violence in it.

Michael is one of the Company Fight Choreographers and teachers for Shakespeare & Company in Lenox MA. He has Choreographed and taught Stage Violence at Theaters and Universities across the nation.

Working with Michael

As a  teacher in Stage Violence , Michael aims to tell the truth of violence on stage in a safe yet theatrically compelling way. His specializes in:

  • hand-to-hand
  • rapier-dagger
  • broadsword
  • “found object” fights
  • comedic fights

In addition to teaching stage combat technique, Michael is available to choreograph or consult on stage violence for productions. Contact him today.