The language that we use in our everyday lives is the equivalent of a fast food meal. The language of Shakespeare is more like a four-course banquet. Shakespeare was writing in a language that was very new and constantly being created—a language four hundred years younger than our own. Younger, more vibrant, more alive.05MtEverte_MAC.335

Michael has directed, Performed and worked on Shakespeare’s text for the last twenty years. His goal is to bring to the life the text with a focus on specificity of text, thought and body. His work fuses the worlds of classical theatre and physical theatre. The result is  dynamic physical storytelling that is accessible to all. He is a core Acting and Faculty member of the internationally acclaimed Shakespeare & Company in Lenox MA.

Henry V

Working with Michael

As a teacher of Shakespeare—no matter the age of the student or participant—Michael aims to teach the techniques and skills needed to bring the language and world of Shakespeare off the page, alive and onto the stage. He directs plays in which the epic poetry is connected to the heart.

Michael is available to teach Shakespeare, or workshops relating to Shakespeare’s plays, to people from age 12 to 93. Get in touch with him to find out how to bring a workshop to your company or school, or to hire Michael to direct one of Shakespeare’s beautiful, bold, and brazen plays.